The Dreamer

November 14, 2012
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The Dreamer
Once cold and windy December day, The Dreamer and his wife walked through Strawberry Lane.
He held her hand tightly, The Dreamer he did, as he and his wife walked through the rain.
The Dreamer spotted a man who clenched his artwork tight. “Would you like me to sign that for you?” The Dreamer he asked. Little did he know, this man was the Dream Killer.
The Dreamer and his wife were done with their day, with art on the way and filled with laughter.
The Dreamer and his wife headed home, The Dreamer was excited to once again see his Beautiful Boy.
Little did The Dreamer know, the Dream Killer was lurking in the shadows, ready to end the worlds joy.
While The Dreamer and his wife were walking towards their beautiful home, they heard the Dream Killer spoke out, “Oh, Mr. Lennon…” BAM BAM BAM BAM!
Four things the world lost that day, December eighth. Lost the music, the love, the peace, and most of all The Dreamer. The world will forever be damned.
Goodbye love of the world, goodbye peace we had, goodbye to Imagine, goodbye to The Dreamer.

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