Voice of Power

October 18, 2012
words that we say

can make someones day

but words misused

can lead to us abused

we fear our oppressors rod

and doubt in the protection of god

we look for those to guide us

someone to rid us of the infectious words that ozz like infectious pus

but we find out that the pain is not permanent

one cut a single injection leaves no mental remnant

consciousness gone in a flash

our funeral seems so rash

we have already paid our toll in blood, sweat, & tears

maybe the river Styx will drown our fears

beaten, battered, bruised, bombarded with hate

slashed, scorned, singed, singled out by friends

our label will always determine our fate

the time of every hourglass eventually ends

tied tied to neck and beam

boom boom falls the chair

i was weak it seems

but life was to unfair

and no one seems to care

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