My Precious Garden

October 20, 2012
By TokenGrady BRONZE, Faro, Other
TokenGrady BRONZE, Faro, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Every cynic is a disappointed idealist."

My heart was closed
To all who came near
My heart was locked
Wishing all would disappear

But you were different to me
You made my heart feel different inside
You came close but I didn't want you gone
And you told me you loved me, and lied

I opened my heart for you
Giving the key
I showed you all the rooms
That were all about me

I showed you my bookshelf
With that secret door
And pulled the book in the corner
Showing you even more

I showed you my secret hiding
What no one else knew about
I showed my silent room
Where I'd let my anger out

And then I showed my garden
Which I hadn't shown in a while
Ever since that time
That never made me smile

I showed you my pink tulips
And my neatly patched sun flowers
I showed you my blue daffodils
And the memories that were ours

I watched you walk around
Nothing being said
And that's when you trampled on them
And quietly my tears were all shed

I threw you out of my secret rooms
And locked and bolted my small pained heart
I went back to what I was before
A small girl hiding from the start

I found it hard to love again
And could not accept another heart broken
When I met the love of my life
And those three words were once again spoken

I needed some time to think on my own
I needed to forget the past and know that he's gone
And when I know this deep inside
I will come back to my love and never hide.

The author's comments:
I've been through some tough heartbreaks that have shaped me for who I am today. I was convinced that there was no love in this world and actually this poem was inspired when my current boyfriend then broke up with me.

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