Who are they?

October 19, 2012
By jbbac GOLD, Manhattan, New York
jbbac GOLD, Manhattan, New York
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Do they talk to you?
Like they talk to me too?

Have you seen them yet?
Have they made you fret?

Did they really make you do it?
Has your brain enclosed in a slit?

Has evil made an appearance?
Or have you found a clearance?

Have they yelled at us?
Have they gained your trust?

Who is they, I'll never know,
Oh how they are called my foe!

Not real they are, in my mind you say?
They are not something to fray?

Must guess you haven't heard them?
Heard them be in you like a stem?

Control they have,
No morals left, but halve a brain

Goodbye!they speak
No I'm not a freak!

I swear they come and go
These sounds, they are my foe

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