Into the Light

October 18, 2012
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Those sparkling eyes
As blue as the bright blue sky
That crooked smile to the side
Always there to be my guide

Always happy, never sad
Never good, always bad
The endless stories of going to the office
Or about doing his community service

He’s just like my big brother
I could never find another
The long summer nights
All laughter, never fights

All the phone calls that woke me up
I can still see his face, just like a pup
Begging me to sneak out
I wish I wouldn’t have been so filled with doubt

I should have gone with him
Now things are so grim
As he lay down in the ground
Unable to be found

This was my best friend
He said he’d be here till the end
But things became such a blur
My words began to slur

Being drowned out by my cries
How I wish I could hug him one last time
Just to hear his voice, or see that crooked smile
But I’m stuck here in denial

As I sit here at the wreck site
Looking at the pole that took him to the light
Anger built up inside of me
As I fell down to my knees

I know he’s in a better place
I just wish I could be in his embrace
All things are meant to come to an end
I just wish I wouldn’t have lost my best friend.

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