For Neglected Websites

October 18, 2012
Good morning poor abandoned website
Lacking updates for browsers of this age
The web server was not configured right
A confused coder has quit in a rage.

You don’t qualify for search optimization
You were left to die in a pixel wasteland.
Your HTML’s been dumped in the recycle bin
The admin packed and unplugged the broadband.

O, you were cursed with a crappy domain name
Your Alexa rating was six million and three
Your gnarly source code caused oh so much pain
You were left to die in a jungle of binary.

Your navigation was so faulty
Not even a darn contact page.
The coder used infinite scrolling
The bandwidth usage wasn’t gauged.

I leave you dear abandoned website
To my computer, you’re a distant memory
A ton of random bits and bytes
I hope you will one day be set free

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