To A Bully

September 22, 2012
By Sparrow GOLD, Englewood, Tennessee
Sparrow GOLD, Englewood, Tennessee
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Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.
- Leonardo da Vinci

To know me is to . . .
Don’t need to know
Just do what you do
Getting as low as low
To me it’s nothing new
No bother caring
Only if you are you
Why be daring
When there are two
Only you and yourself
No more than a few
Only I know myself

Who I am is . . .
Not like you care
You only dis
Your love is rare
Not even a kiss
Act kind and sweet
At which I call B.S.
Nothing but a cheat
Watch your step miss
Or I’ll watch mine
To you I’m less
But I walk the line

This is the one and only
Think what you want to think
I am not sad and lonely
You might miss it if you blink
Me flying so freely
And you falling so far
This is who I am really
But who are you, a liar
It’s so funny actually
You don’t even know me
So listen real carefully
To my words now free

I stand taller than anyone
To infinity and beyond
I am my own hero
Not what you think, a zero
I’m not something you can rate
But I guess haters gonna hate
Learn to love and care
This is more than I can bare
How can you be so blind
All you have to be is kind
Try to see things from my side
Before another commits suicide

The author's comments:
A girl from my school committed suicide last spring from being bullied. She had lots of friends, was in sports and clubs, and had a loving family. I write this because of what I felt when that intercom came on during school to announce the news, and because bullying is happening everywhere. Her death should have never happened. No one should go through it. Time to put an end to this bull crap.

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