It Gets Better

Bleached out hair and thrift store jeans
Always outside the box
Never a beauty queen
Sometimes things are never what they seem
Motorcycle boots and leather jackets in her dreams
Studded loafers and expensive perfume
Messy bed and messy room
Only child with two dads to care
Always loved, but never there
Ran away at 16
Got married to a guy
He beat her to stay with him
And never to him she lied
She was always good
But never had she known
That one day she would leave
and her dads would be waiting at home
lived in a world where she never stood a chance
ran away from her problems
she grew up too fast
never had she known what others thought
or even where to live
never planned a future or even thought ahead
now she knows what she missed
when she was just 16
living life is impossible when you’re caught up in your dreams.

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