The Dance

August 3, 2012
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Never to know it takes all your might
To conquer the spirit of the ball,
You hear a sound in the midst of night
Come through your concrete wall.
You follow the song down the steps
To the basement you never use,
Doomed to be bound by a hex
And dancing to the tunes.

You see the demons everywhere
In the crimson glow,
Romping without one care
With one man standing alone,
Wearing suits of ebony
And raven-colored hair,
Staring straight at you, girl,
With a calm blue stare.
He offers you a courteous ‘flect
And you take his icy hand.
Together, you make a pact
To dance with the band.

You dance the whole night away
With this lovely guest
Now you must be on your way,
But then he hissed, “It’s not over yet!
“We’ll dance until you’re weary,
“We’ll dance until you’re dead;
“But my lady, not to worry—
“We’ll dance in hell instead!”

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