The High Road

July 14, 2012
What choices have you left me with?
Now what is left to do?
You’ve broken all your promises,
You’ve torn my heart in two.

I’ve given this a lot of thought,
I’ve mused it over well.
How can I act like heaven,
When you’ve treated me like hell?

I could always take the high road
And forgive the things you’ve done.
However, on the other hand,
The low road’s much more fun.

I could not return your phone calls,
I could burn up all your notes.
I could take out all my anger
As flames engulf the things you wrote.

I could ignore you out in public,
I could throw your gifts away.
But the problem with those options is
My anger will not sway.

If I do take the low road,
My hatred will just grow.
It will bottle up inside me,
‘Til I’m filled with bitter woe.

Now if I take the high road,
The outcome may be changed.
If I chose to let it go,
My mind won’t go insane

I won’t be bothered by revenge,
No anger to take out.
I can move along with life,
Forget what you’ve lied about.

I don’t have to excuse you,
For the the way you’ve done me wrong.
I just have to forgive you
So I can pick up and move on.

I guess I’ll take the higher road,
I know I’ve made my choice.
I have to learn to stand my ground,
To speak with my own voice.

In answer to your question,
“Will I forgive you, yes or no?”
I will forgive but not forget,
Painful memories seldom go.

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