You and Your Friend

July 3, 2012
Feeling empty inside
Never felt so complete
With a hole in my heart
A day without feast

The trees whisper songs
Of shrinking away
Returning to branches
Day after day

But feeling so lost
From their songs of deceit
So the smaller they go
Yet their song still repeats

Breaking the roots
That held them inside
Their songs disappear
With silent demise

But out of the soil
They break through the light
Their song just begun
Screaming in delight

“Oh how you’re fooled
And rotting away
My tree nose is full
Of your steady decay

But you let them kill you
Yet you know in your heart
You and your friend
Will never dare part”

Their song fills the night
And the stars and the moon
And the children asleep
In their warm, safe cocoon

But the monsters, they lurk
In the trees and your heart
You and your friend
Will never dare part

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