July 4, 2012
do i dare sleep today

to close my eyes and rest my body

to let my dreams take me away

when the nightmares want my sanity so badly

do i dare sleep today

to meet the terror of my mind

i wish the fear away

but they have my body in a bind

i dream of monsters made of flesh filled human jaws

i dream of demons with tortured souls within their paws

i saw a man so violent and brutal

he seemed to be the eminence of the land

but how when the land of my mind is mine

on my sanity this man will dine

he holds my life in his hand

there's no hero for him to battle

do i dare sleep today

knowing i may never wake

do i dare sleep today

demons are what he will make

if i don't sleep today

how will he haunt my mind

do i dare sleep today

he will surely not be kind

these nightmares plague my every thought

if my life is what he sought

then i will give him what he wants

i'm done taking his taunts

and with one motion of this knife

i will take his and my own life

so as my life will come to an end

the laws of my mind will finally bend

i need no more time

i have curved the unbendable line

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