Lost In Love

May 27, 2012
By Leenajames BRONZE, Frederick, Kentucky
Leenajames BRONZE, Frederick, Kentucky
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Who do you think of day and night?
I bet it’s him am I right?
Who at the same time gives you fear?
Once again it’s him, correct dear?
Who do you want around you all the time?
Him again, how do you forgive him for all his love crimes?
Who breaks your heart time and time again?
Him, but you love him, he’s a ten
Who do you love more than anything?
Him, he doesn’t love you but you treat him like a king
Honey, you’re lost in love no way out now
Wish I could help but there’s no way how
He’s your everything, your life, your all
But does he ever text or call?
How will you realize, all you need is a shove
But no one else matters cause you’re lost in love

The author's comments:
This is for my friend, who is hopelessly lost in love.

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