Ode to McDonald's

June 11, 2012
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Oh, McDonald’s, did you know
that I cannot tell you how much I love you so?
With a menu filled with a variety of delicious food,
you can fill my appetite and change my mood.
From being down and longing for a snack,
the convenient and tasty food you provide is what I attack.

But no, I am not ever again going to give into the temptation
of devouring any more of the famous fries and burgers of this nation.
McDonald’s, this is a final good-bye to you
because this food is not good for me or anyone else, and you know it’s true.
People who eat at your place are becoming overweight with increasing health problems,
causing permanent damage to their livers and hearts; you are robbing them.

Although your food is cheap and yummy,
your processed items do not belong inside of my tummy.
What I’m saying is is that your food contains too many chemicals and additives,
which can make others like me fat and unhealthy. Are you willing to pay for the damages?
Now, you know that it is all your fault that I cannot eat you any longer
because instead of slowly killing myself, I want to become stronger.

And you think that people do not care and that your food is acceptable?
Well, I will opt for better choices, like picking organics and green vegetables.
So good-bye to you, McDonald’s; this is my final farewell.
And I know that others will become more knowledgeable about their bodies, as well.

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ChickyChick said...
Jun. 13, 2012 at 7:36 pm
This was incredible. Truely. It flowed beautifuly and it was on a topic many avoid to discuss. Fantastic Job!!!
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