The Swallows

June 9, 2012
By AnnieG BRONZE, Wookey, Other
AnnieG BRONZE, Wookey, Other
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The Swallows fly from Africa,
crossing land and sea,
to sing their song of peace and love,
and Racial Harmony.

Their homeland is far away,
full of woes we have not seen.
Yet they come to our country, every year
to close the gap between.

We may have done things wrong,
but it is possible to put these right.
We could listen to the Swallows' song,
and follow them back home, in flight.

The author's comments:
When I think of racial harmony, I think of the things we have in common, not the differences. I see the Swallows as messengers, as they migrate from Africa, every year to come to many European countries. I feel there is a deeper meaning, and maybe we just miss what the Swallows are trying to tell us.

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