June 2, 2012
My eyes may be weary, but my heart is still strong

Don’t underestimate me, I can prove you all wrong

I am act like an adult, but I am but a child

I’ve been through a lot, and so I’ve grown tired

I lay my head down, thinking of loved ones

A faint smile traced across my lips

As I fall into my world of dreams

I at least have hope, something no one can take from me

My dreams filled with the magical parts of life, my imagination taking ahold

Forsaking harsh truths and cold realities until I wake

But by then I should be ready to go on with life’s journey again

To keep living, so long as I can have my dreams

So wish me luck and let not my journeys be odious

But rife with adventure and amusement

So I can sit around a fire and tell them as fables

Perhaps as half-truths of a sort

For no matter how true some parts are

May I not be forced to utter then through mine own lips

For reality though interesting can be quite the heartless b****

And may the female dogs work not be uttered here, unless it for amusement

A fairy tale ,not true reality setting in

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