With Apologies to Wendy Peffercorn

May 25, 2012
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Please forgive me, Wendy
I can’t stop myself from staring
at the parts of you exposed
by that red swimsuit you are wearing.
At how your Jolly rancher lips
so pink, and wet, and sweet
surround your silver whistle
moments just before the tweet!
At the sweat that forms like honey
on that amber skin of yours,
I’m sorry Wendy
but I just can’t take this anymore!

Please forgive me, Wendy
but I’m just tellin’ the truth!
One day we’ll have four children,
Mickey, Jackie, Babe, and Ruth.
One day I can be the one
to coat your legs with lotion.
But now, I swear
this swimming pool
has turned into an ocean.

Please forgive me Wendy
but our future is before us!
Doesn’t it sound lovely?
Mrs. Wendy Palledorus?
The deep ends looking deeper
and I’m not too good at swimming.
But for our love, Mrs. Peffercorn
its only the beginning!

Please forgive me Wendy
for what I’m about to do.
I’m sorry but I just can’t seem
to take my eyes off you!
I know, I know,
I’m awful young
So skinny, stingy, small
And I wouldn’t even be here
if we didn’t bust our ball.
You think that I’m a weenie
Nathan’s Famous, Oscar Meyer,
but honey let me prove to you
that I’m your heart’s desire.

Please forgive me Wendy,
for my sneaky little bluff,
but for a taste of your sweet kiss
I’ve waited long enough.

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