Valid to Love

June 6, 2012
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A young couple lived by the sea,
Awaiting their chance to love and be free.
The couple was deeply fallen for each other,
Yet society believed they should never be lovers.

The couple’s names were Bill and Cory
Not what you’d expect from the average love story.
Still, they committed themselves to fight for their love
To show society what they’re made of.

They took their issue straight to the court,
To find many others of their sort.
All shapes and sizes, all genders indeed
Fighting for a common cause, waiting to be freed.

The jury was made of monsters, the judge a true devil
They couldn’t argue above that superior level.
Nevertheless, they refused to give up their hope,
Dreams still alive, no time to mope.

The young couple that lived by the sea,
Would no longer tolerate the public’s demanding plea.
Their minds were set to marriage, no matter the others
Who thought they should be no more than brothers.

They set off on a venture across the border
Separating them from their restricting warder.
Away they went, the farther the better,
Willing to do anything to escape the nasty letters.

The young couple returned to their home by the sea,
Finally married, happy, but not exactly free.
For the rest of their lives as a happy young couple
They would be forced to tolerate silent sneers and chuckles.

So please, I beg, if you ever run into Bill and Cory,
Or another of their same story,
Keep in mind the inner strength they carry
To hold their heads high and say they are married.

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