Liar, Liar

May 25, 2012
I'm incapable of crying anymore,
The pain's too much to take.
I'll close my eyes, let in the dark;
I know I will not wake.

Dear agony, let go of me;
You've proved that I am frail.
All I wanted was a chance,
But I had no prevail.

Everyone will miss me,
And everyone will cry.
Everyone will suffer,
But you will only lie.

You never really loved me,
You never really cared.
You only wanted someone else,
With whom I did not compare.

My skin grows cold, my face is pale;
I have nothing left to give.
I will fight for my last breath,
As my life comes to an end.

I'm sorry I wasn't better,
I'm sorry I made you lie.
All I did was love you,
So why'd I have to die?

You were the last thing on my mind,
As all the lights went out.
You were everything to me,
But forever drug me down...

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