Can I Make You A Sandwich My Dear

April 30, 2012
By ecavazos6 BRONZE, Univeral City, Texas
ecavazos6 BRONZE, Univeral City, Texas
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“Wife,” he said
“Go make me a sandwich, and grab me a beer”
His eyes glued themselves to that TV
I sighed and responded “In a second, my dear”

I work all week, eight hours a day
My husband greets me with “Could you pick up the mail?”
Can he not see how exhausted I am?
This is not what I committed to when I put on my wedding veil

I walked into our beloved master bedroom
And clothes buried the floor that were in a neat stack
“Great! Another mess for me to clean up!”
Even all his shoes were thrown off the rack

I have had it! That is it!
Where is my dignity in this man’s eyes?
He is a monster and a fiend!
Then, I thought “I have a plan to surmise!”

What if I treated him like he treats me?
That is exactly what I will do!
I will act like a lazy couch potato
His head will be spinning; he will not know what to do

I kicked my feet up on the coffee table where he likes to eat
He came in and asked “Are you sick? What’s wrong?”
I said “Can you take out those heavy boxes in the corner?”
“It should not be a problem. You are strong.”

He looked at me puzzled as if his ears had been deceived
“I want chocolate. Can you run to the store?”
He continued to stare blankly
Then he slowly made his way out the door

He returned with nothing; I muttered “What a fool he is!”
He asked if I could fix him a drink because he was dying of thirst
I was as furious as my father when the Dallas Cowboys would lose
I could not keep my cool; I could not help but burst

I screamed “The Women’s Rights Movement was fifty years ago!
Yet the only place you think I belong is in the kitchen
I am not simply a housewife!
Men and women’s roles have been switch’n!

He left for a while after my mouth uttered a few choice words
I felt guilty; he stood there, speechless, like a mute person would
“What if he does not return,” I thought to myself
I would tell him “I am sorry,” and “I love you” if I could

To my dismay, I heard the key turn the lock
I remained quietly in our bed
I wondered if he would be furious; then, I heard the door to the room open
He walked straight to me and kissed me on the forehead

He handed me a beautiful bouquet of pink roses
And I could see he was overwhelmed with fear
I smiled and looked up as he said
“Can I make you a sandwich, my dear?”

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