Sidewalks Replace Grass, Buildings Replace Trees

April 30, 2012
By Jimmy Hoffman BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Jimmy Hoffman BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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There one was a forest
With trees strong and tall
Everything was green
To be enjoyed by all

The beauty was untouched
Been ruined by none
But this was going to change
When all was said and done

The greedy men with power
Coveted such massive space
They wanted to destroy it all
And turn it into a shopping place

Some spoke out against it
But their voices were too faint
Soon enough it would all be gone
Replaced by drywall and paint

They rolled in with bulldozers
Axes and chainsaws too
A small group wanted to stop it
But sadly they were too few

So one by one by one
The trees were all cut down
Screaming as they fell
They were sent to a nearby town

Trees lying like dead bodies
Were strewn across the ground
They were turned into copy paper
And used in offices all around

Everything was finally leveled
No more green giants lining the sky
Such a horrendous sight to behold
It would make a grown man cry

All the beauty had left
All the innocence was gone
All the greed moved in
The evil went on and on

Everyone seemed happy
With shops everywhere
If only they had known
If only they would care

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