A Close Call

April 30, 2012

The ground moves back and forth
People start to scream
A woman yells in a different tongue
Whatever can she mean?

A city already in turmoil
That would long to be spared
They’ve seen these sights many before
At least they were prepared

The roads are tough, hardened through time
The people have seen it all
They can’t get the images out of their head
At least this one was just a close call

People who dread watching the news
They scarcely turn it on
Though today they needed to check the T.V
And see what happened at dawn

This city is strong, it was built to last
Her buildings were made for this sort of thing
When the quake came in and moved throughout the place
As far as anyone could tell, just a couple of car dings

Families checked up on each other
Made sure each one was ok
For the most part they had made it
At least for another day

All of a sudden a bridge began to shake
The people begun to flee
A mother grabs her child
This is all I got to see

It comes down with a huge sound
The world seems to stop and look
As the dust begins to take the sky
The building barely shook

Everyone saw the remnants of a battered bus sticking out from under the debris
Some people started to cry
All of a sudden someone explained
I don’t think anyone died!

There was a great gasp of breath
People had been holding it in
They though how lucky they were
But some wondered if this could be the start of something grim

The author's comments:
This ballad is describing an earthquake that hit Mexico city early this year. The only damages were a bridge that fell on a car.

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