Listen Here, Listen Here: Story of the Unheard

April 30, 2012
By nnamdi BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
nnamdi BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Listen here, Listen here
Have you not heard about the family that's been hurtin'
Oh, you didn't hear?!
Well let me tell the story of Trayvon Martin

Listen hre, Listen here
On the night of Febuary 26th
A young black boy went out for a walk
Did not know he was going to get hit

Meanwhile, a 28th yr old standby
Watching his every little move
A so called neighborhood watchmen
Who would have known? What was his motive?

He can confronts the young black by
When the dispatcher told him no
An argument between the two ensues
Oh, you still didn’t know?

Listen up, let me tell you more
Fighting and punching break out
This is about to get worse
The man pulls out a gun, "Oh da..!" Yeah watch that mouth

Police are called
One dead boy, one murderer
It's blatantly obvious
But there is something peculiar

The aggressor is not arrested
It's blatantly obvious
The skin color?
I can not believe the injustice

A father without a son
A mother without a son
How can they move on?
How can they wake up to see the sun?

Now the community is in mayhem
This will not go unheard
Why?! How?! Are questions still asked.
Hoodies Up for the one that can not be heard
Listen here, listen here
I am Trayvon Martin
Yo soy Trayvon Martin
Je suis Trayvon Martin

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