The Lost of my Step-Father

April 30, 2012
By benjammin BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
benjammin BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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“Step-Father, why does this have to happen?
I do not understand,
What possibly went wrong?
This isn’t part of God’s plan.”

As I say this to my step-father
I just wish it weren’t true
After all the great times we had
Our father/son relationship grew.

My step-father looks at me and says,
“It just wasn’t meant to be”
I ask him, “How was it not?
Y’all always looked happy.”

He told me not to worry,
He’ll always be there for me
With a father/son relationship like this
I never got to call him daddy.

For 5 years he’s always been there for me
Now I don’t know what to do
Seeing that he is gone
I have no father to look up to.

All the great times we had
I will never forget
I hope it’s not too late to call you dad
Because that’s something I won’t regret.

But as I open my eyes,
I don’t see my father
Where did he go?
Oh…in my presence, he is no longer.

That’s the feeling I have to get used to
Because I won’t see him again
This is not the beginning
This is the end.

He was once my step-father
Now he’s not
I’m going to miss him
I do miss him, a lot.

“Step-Father, why did this have to happen?
I cannot comprehend
What possibly went wrong?
Is this something you can mend?

The author's comments:
This poem talks about me losing my step-father who was like a father to me. My mom divorced him about a month ago. This just shows how much he meant to me in my life more than any other person in the world.

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