April 30, 2012
By tim Subealdea BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
tim Subealdea BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Florida: home of the moshes and swamps
Mosquitoes are around buzzing about
The day coming to an end
Time to turn the lights out

It was a cool, musty February night
The kids are all inside
Getting ready for another regular day
As the sun went down and died

A boy of black decent
Was walking down the street
Regular clothes on his body
Regular shoes on his feet

He felt lonely but wasn’t alone
He was being watched, you see?
Hood on his head, but no trouble on his mind
All he had was candy and tea

But he must have seemed threatening
He must have done something wrong
Because the neighborhood watch
Had been following him all along

The watch was told to let the boy go
The watch was told to just stop
But a few minutes later
All that was heard was a POP

What was the cause of the problem?
No one really knows
The man claims he was attacked
The man claims he took blows

The news corrupts the story
Was the boy shot because he was black?
The media claims he smoked weed
Was that the cause of the attack?

Riots soon swarm the city like bees
“We want an arrest”
They shout
“Shot in the chest”

So much for being a watch
All he did was end the boy’s time
He got paid to keep the peace
Now he will pay for his crime

The author's comments:
the incident that took place of the shooting of Trayvon Martin inspired me to write this ballad.

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