Moments You Recognize

April 29, 2012
By Lindsay Barrios BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Lindsay Barrios BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Had never been an experience,
But merely a dream to her.
A dream, that is, until the 15th of December.
However, our story begins the previous night.
9 o’ clock to be exact.
All was well,
All was in order.
My father lies down beside my mother,
Ready to retire from a long day.
The lights were hit.
Feelings of serenity overcame them,
As they lay there.
Silenced filled the room.
But that moment quickly surpassed,
As my mother vocalized her feelings of pain.
“The baby’s coming!” she said loudly,
Turning over quickly to look at my father.
Both looking quite confused,
I was scheduled to arrive Christmas Day.
I guess an early baby, I was.
A feeling of happiness quickly filled the both of them,
But as soon as that moment was recognized,
It was gone.
Gone, now filled with panic, nervousness, and excitement.
While my mother was gathering herself,
My father briskly runs to the shower to ready himself for the long night awaiting.
Rushing himself, he slips in the shower.
Of course this night out of all nights he injures his elbow!
Both of them rushing to the car,
Speeding along the highway,
As the streetlights assist them to the hospital.
Once arrived calls were made.
Now the room was filled,
Filled with family members and loved ones.
Excitement filled the air as everyone was about to meet my parent’s first child.
Anticipation was met in the time of waiting.
The time had come,
My mother was ready.
But wait,
Someone was missing.
Someone important.
My grandmother.
She had yet to arrive at the hospital!
But what could be done?
It was time.
Everybody then gathered around my mother as she started to push.
But then the sudden sound of rapidly moving footsteps was heard hitting the floor.
My grandmother managed to make it at the spur of the moment!
Everything was ready,
Everything was in place.
My name was already picked out,
With both my mother and father in agreement.
Not knowing if I was a boy or a girl,
Two were chosen.
But they would quickly find out.
Just a few minutes later I joined the room.
That whole production just for me?
And in that moment everything was perfect.
As feelings of serenity once again were felt.
But at the time the moment was recognized,
It was gone.
Gone, and overcome with merriment.

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