April 29, 2012
By Anonymous

I run on the field
Anxious for it to begin
My mind is set
To record another win

The ball comes to me
I trap it on the perfect grass
With plenty of time
To pick a pass

A mental lapse
The attacker gets away
I make a last ditch tackle
Only for the ref to stop play

Penalty to the other team
I start to sweat
I hope they miss
But I see the ball hit the net

Goal for the other team
How can this be?
This game should be smooth
But we are losing you see!

Second half starts
Time for restitution
I will not place one foot wrong
I will make a better contribution

I steal the ball from their feet
I dribble up the pitch with turns and twists
I cross the ball
Goal! I got an assist!

We can do this
One more goal
We have to push
We must have total control

I obtain the ball
I run from behind
Towards the goal
With one thing on my mind

I shoot, I score!
My teammates shout
We celebrate for minutes
Now there is no doubt

The author's comments:
I play soccer

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