A bittersweet moment of resting and silence

May 17, 2012
By AA9119 BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
AA9119 BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
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A bittersweet moment of resting and silence
As news anchors endlessly spew out the violence,
As people run rampant and live unaware
I step just outside, catch a breath of fresh air.

And I think about God and myself and my home,
And I think about death and being alone.
I crane my neck upwards and just stop to take in
The cosmos majestic, before there was sin.

See light years away, and eons ago,
Stars perfect and golden were cast all aglow,
And somewhere and somehow light's hitting the earth,
Generated and born before Adam's birth.

Each photon I fathom falls briefly, then gone,
An impulse so brilliant and quick, yet upon
My eyes alighted, inspired, transcribed
A message, a meaning, a purpose inside.

My musings flash back to the riots and mobs,
And I ponder and wonder and softly I sob
For the lives and destruction wreaked endless and cold
As a call from those lights alights on my soul.

"Dear child," it whispers, "They can't understand.
They don't see the beauty, they won't hear my plan.
Those people you cry for cry for me too,
I hear all their pleas, and so I've shown you."

"But what can I do?" I ask to above,
"I'm one in six billion when push comes to shove,
This world's just so broken and I'm just so small,
A child seventeen on this planet free fall."

"I didn't ask about size," He replied with some fire.
"I didn't ask you to mope, I speak to inspire.
You child of My Name, don't listen to lies,
I died for your soul and you forget the prize?

"My son, oh, sweet son, My beautiful child,
My genius, my lover, my fearless and wild
Boy that I've sent out with passion and power,
I've come to remind you in this this dark hour."

And I saw crystal clearly in vision Supreme
The hands of a doctor, bloodied, then cleaned.
I saw women crying, then saw husbands' tears,
Saw desperate sad faces facing those fears

Saw grandpas and grandmas losing long fights,
Saw cancerous tumors and sickness and blight,
And I fell to my knees, "No more!" I cried out,
"This sorrow I'm feeling fills me with doubt."

"No child, there's more," the voice softly pleaded,
And rows upon rows of dark thoughts receded
As I looked once again; the picture had changed,
And one chosen man was called by my name

And I watched that lone figure grow and mature,
And I watched the Lord take me to places obscure,
And where my hands touched healing power unfolded,
Death sank away frightened and sickness imploded.

"Oh My child, don't give up; there's so much at stake.
Don't start believing in what you can't make.
I've planned all this time and molded you so,
Those people are lost and so broken and low.

"Oh, son, will you stand and fight the good fight?
Will you always remember my words on this night?"
I wept and I stood and, and amidst my salt tears,
I whispered," My Father, I'm Yours all my years."

"Please come to me always, crawl in my lap.
Come when you're tired, just lay down and nap,
And when you are ready, go back out and fight
The sickness and hurt and the bleeding with Light.

"Believe in My voice, believe in My plan,
Believe in My power guiding your hands.
Believe in My love, in the difference you'll make
When you're healing the sick and crushing Hell's gate."

I left that night filled with purpose so sweet
A child of the King, and in Him, complete.

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