American Soldier

May 7, 2012
By XxCHEYxX SILVER, Fairbury, Nebraska
XxCHEYxX SILVER, Fairbury, Nebraska
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Leaving his wife and child in the rain
An American soldier boards his plane
As he looks out the window he sees them crying
His wife so afraid of him dying

Before he left he promised his wife
That he would ask God to spare his life
As the plane took off he hoped and prayed
That his life would not be taken away

As time goes by slow as ever
He spends his free time writing his wife a letter
He writes about how he is doing fine
And how his son will be turning nine

Out fighting he gives his best
Everything he has is put to the test
Whenever he thinks of giving in
He searches for hope deep within

Suddenly he hears someone yell his name
And inside his chest felt like a flame
He stumbled, cried in agony, and fell to the ground
He was still alive but made no sound

With his eyes closed he hoped and prayed
That all his dues had been paid
He smiled as he lay on the loam
For he knew for sure he was coming home

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