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The Human Race

I think of flowers I think of rainbows
I’ll think of fingers hands feet and toes
With such an odd face
We are so weird; the human race
Have you seen how we act
With no feelings exact
We fight and we squabble
But first we crawl and then waddle
We fuss and we fight
But first we learn how to bite
We never used to think
Of what not to eat or alcohol to drink
We became pigs as we grew
Then we resent what we grew into
We used to lie around and watch the sky
Now we lie around wanting to die
We used to argue about some fake little hex
Now we argue about drugs and sex
Why do we, humans, claim to be so superior
And deem animals to be so inferior
We never used to be the way we are
We used to just dream of getting our first car
Now it’s teenagers getting pregnant
And everyone’s mind is twisted and bent
What have we become, the human race
How dare we have the audacity to show our ugly face

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