May 2, 2012
By Cervera92 BRONZE, Wendell, North Carolina
Cervera92 BRONZE, Wendell, North Carolina
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I remember the day we met
And everything was grand.
I remember thinking how much
I wanted you to take my hand
And never let go - just
hold me tight and pull me in
And wrap your arms around me.
And when you did I couldnt believe
Someone like you had found me.

I remember the night of our first kiss,
And i remember being so scared.
But then you looked at me with your beautiful eyes
And i knew i was prepared
To take the leap
A leap of faith, and just hope for the best.
I hoped and prayed that you and i
Would be able to pass the test.

The test of friendship love and trust
The test of loyalty and selflessness.
You passed with flying colors
And i was truly impressed
That someone who i never saw coming
Could all of a sudden barge in;
Into my life, into my heart,
And break down the walls within.

Now that things are different,
And it feels like everything is falling apart,
I want to tell you to always remember
That you'll always be in my heart.
Cuz i still remember all the smiles,
All the laughs and kisses.
And even though it causes me pain,
I dont regret a single minute.

You changed me for the better,
And brought out the good in me.
You showed me just how incredible
Love can really be.
And for that i will always be grateful,
You've brought so much joy to my life.
The joy of love, the joy of friendship,
And of having someone by my side.

No matter what happens in our lives
Or the space and time between us,
You will always have me to call upon,
And i hope you know you can trust -
Trust that i will never betray you,
Or leave you in the dust.
Trust that i will do anything for you,
Even take a bullet, if i must.

So once again i thank you
For being a part of who i am.
Thank you for not expecting perfection,
For taking me as i am.
With all my flaws and weaknesses
And all my imperfections.
You never judged me or put me down,
Or led me in the wrong direction.

Whenever life or people in it
Tried to tear me down,
You were right there to help build me up,
And help me rise up from the ground.
So even though everything has changed,
And we have had to surrender,
I hope you know that I will always,
Without a doubt or regret, remember

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the guy I am madly in love with, but due to circumstances in life out of our control, we had to part ways. He is my best friend, and always will be.

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