Confessions of the heart

May 2, 2012
These kind of words have never come so easily
I rewrite them time after time
but they never come out right
just give a minute to tell you all I need to say

This is confessions of the heart
and I need to say that I love you
I know that all we had is over
but I can't help but feel this way

People say we are weird cause we are in love
but I don't care cause true love is never scared
your friends say your insane for loving a girl like me
and I hope you say you dont care

This is confessions of the heart
and I need to tell you that I need you everyday
I dont think I could go another day with out you
so please just stay for one more minute

All these boys try to get my attention
but none of them could hold my heart like you do
just tell me you love me to

You see beyond what is on my face
you see the girl behind these eyes of mine
I just hope you realize my words are true
before its to late

This is confessions of the heart
and I know that I cant let you go this easily
so please just tell me that it will be alright
even though we don't know what lies ahead

this is confessions of my heart!

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