My First Robbery

May 1, 2012
By Ignacio Sunderland BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Ignacio Sunderland BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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When I was walking
through the street.
I came across something
That was really neat.

A perfect toy
Through the window I could see.
It was a baby tiger
Laying under a tree.

I wanted this stuffed animal,
My face began to glow,
But when I asked my mother
She quickly just said “no”.

A feeling rose inside me,
I was angry with my mother.
If I did not have this tiger
I would begin to holler.

I cried and cried
Until I could cry no more.
I was still a little child
With the mere young age of four.

When I was almost finished crying
I saw a man walk in the store.
I still remember to this day
What that man on this day wore.

He strolled right through
As if unnoticed.
While no one looked his way,
I stayed focused.

This man took the animal
And placed it in his shirt.
I could not believe my eyes
Someone I wanted to alert.

But as he left
I knew not what to do,
Should I tell my mother or the owner
I really had no clue.

I was appalled
At what I had seen,
A man took a toy
At this very scene.

For the tiger
He did not pay,
He gave it to me
And waltzed away.

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