golden eyes

April 26, 2012
By XxCHEYxX SILVER, Fairbury, Nebraska
XxCHEYxX SILVER, Fairbury, Nebraska
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Little girl with golden eyes
Looking for a place to hide
She does not have a place to go
But yet her fears do not show

Her hair falls finely down her back
The shade is of the deepest black
In her mind her thoughts begin to grow
About the boy who loved her so

She finds a place to lay her head
And thinks of things she should of said
At one time she felt so tall
Now in this world she feels so small

In her dreams she sees a face
Within a very quiet place
Little girl with golden eyes
Looks above and begins to rise

Upon her lips she mouths a name
From out of the clouds the young boy came
Tears swelled up in her eyes
For this to her was a great surprise

He welcomes her as they meet
This reunion of theirs is so sweet
He smiles as he takes her hand
And asks if she wants to explore the land

She says this all must be a dream
He says its as real as it seems
He gives her a silver looking glass
So she can see that she has passed

She sees her body so still on the ground
Barely breathing without making a sound
She watches as she gives her last breath
And watches as her body gives into death

He sees the sorrow in her face
So he tells her of this enchanting place
Here we are always young and free
We can be anything we want to be

No longer does anyone feel any pain
Elders can walk without their canes

Suddenly they see a light
Up above it was so bright
They watched as two angels start to appear
And suddenly to her everything was clear

Now she knows this isn’t a dream
Everything is as real as it seems
See looked at the boy still holding her hand
Into the light they walked exploring the land

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