Escaping Light

April 13, 2012
By Open_5hoelaces BRONZE, Vadodra, Other
Open_5hoelaces BRONZE, Vadodra, Other
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What are feelings but escaping light
Yours are smothered glows
Kept in heart sealed tight
but from eyes it leaks and from eyes it flows

The words of his sweet sour praise
Escapes to find him, as to me you confess
But in the locked room the secret stays
Like suffocating fireworks, you'll never express

If you tell what is to be told
he will not be mere glimpses evanescent
Light shall lead away from lonely cold
To him for whom you and the beam is meant

Or just open your eyes into his
If words can't reach his ears
And illuminate his heart's seas
Why not? What is that you fear/

To let him see what he chooses to
You prefer to be by darkness imprisoned
For you fear he might be blinded by you?
But here is where you are falsely reasoned.

Perhaps you are the one he wishes to see?
And you want to be seen but you deny
But we are confounded by maybe
For he is the moon of truth and lie

But either way you have to break from being tied
To see in the shadows of his cape
To see what lies at moon's dark side
You have to let the light escape

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