Inheriting Life

April 24, 2012
We’re told growing up
that we are precious little things,
but once we get tall enough,
the world still seems too big.
With everything around us
we feel like ants learning to crawl.
It looks to me as if
we were born to be small.

Balance is a trick
we are eager to learn.
Without energy we become cold,
too much and we will burn.
Love is an act upon the high wire.
We’re running headlong into a wall.
It feels to me like
we were born to fall.

Stumbling through the darkness
and searching for the light,
no matter what we go to say
nothing ever comes out right.
Words never taken as honesty
despite how hard we try.
It sounds to me like
we were born to lie.

All the while life blurs
like it’s going by too fast.
Nothing is meant
to forever last.
We’ll kill our dreams and each other
without ever knowing why.
All the while it seems to me like
we were born to die.

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