SHORTage in Society

April 19, 2012
By Allie Porter BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Allie Porter BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Entering the clothing store
Anxious to find perfection
Looking around for more
Wanting that special dress

Looking at all the sequins
Listening to them call my name
And seeing them glisten like tin
I know I have found it

Asking for aid
They have my size
Its just the right shade
Anticipation to see it on

Slowly sliding it on
The zipper closes just right
All my worries are gone
Till terror arrives at my door

The mirror shows an awful display
My height again ruins it all
The dress is wrong in every way
Petite problems ruin everything

Always made for someone tall
With legs that are very long
Well that is not me, at all
Remaining the height of a child

Wishing it would fit me right
Just as it was made
But it is an awful sight
Scary for even me to see

Outrage at society
Sizing for the typical
Never it is right for me
Fitting an extra foot too long

Having to leave without a dress
Giving up all hope
I'm going to look a mess
I'm dreading another sad attempt

Never will I accept
This terrible fit of a dress
New size should be kept
To fit someone like me

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