The Ballad of A Doom Dream

April 19, 2012
There are nights when the dreams
Are so real all i can do is lie awake.
Days where everything seems
To say i will break from the pressure.

The secrets i keep within me
Feel too much to bare
So i drown into the stuff of dreams
I vaguely recall asking if it were real

Then i remember floating down a stream
Careless and stressfree as can be
Then the nightmare tear through the seams
Fearful and violent as ever

They welcome me with outstretched arms
Both comforting and foreboding
The nightmares tell me of past harms

They talk of my past life
Where my lover has thrown me over a waterfall
They show me my last moments of strife
Falling to my imminent death

I vaguely remember asking if it were real
If this were all true
They answered with a devilish sneer
Laughing at me with reddened eyes

"Why would we lie to you my dear?"
Said a ghastly crone that emergered
From the crowd of my fears
She opened her arms and enwrapped me

A final comfort for a doomed dream
A final disturbance of the crowd
Before i woke from that horrid dream
And began the cyle over again

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