April 19, 2012
By , springfield, IL
Daddy,Daddy I heard you walk through the door.
I heard Mommy screaming,
why is she rolling on the floor?
She has a knot on her head,
oh my God it’s as big as a brick!
I won’t say nothing,
I promise i won’t trick.

She’s screaming and crying.
I think I should get on my knees and pray.
Please God help me to see another day.

Daddy,Daddy stop hurting Mommy,
I hear things with my ears.
I see things with my eyes.
Daddy,please your pain in my tummy.

I got to do something.
Somebody please help!
Maybe that’s why I feel like a dummy.
I’m still on my knees,
begging God please.
I wish he would take away the pain,
but at the same time i wish we were living in fame.

It’s okay,Mom,it will all get better.
Once Daddy’s in jail shredding like chadder.
We will finally be living in fame.

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