The puppet master

April 20, 2012
On a couldy day
In the midst of spring
Lay an open field where even the best do stray
Into a trap older than time itself

Into the trap a young girl did go
Blissfully ignorant
In that field she felt her heart slow
As a miraculous man appeared from beneath the ground

He was a gorgeous creature
Golden and glowing
Beauty was in every feature
But his intentions were malevolent

He told the girl of a place
Where even the hurt were in bliss
Where every hardship went unfaced
And offered her a trip there

She agreed unknowing that she would be
Yet another of his puppets
As he tied to her back her strings
She gave in too quickly

He held his promise to the letter
But became her handler
And used her for his plan to better
Telling others of the magical place

She lead them there
A walking genocide
And entraped them in the puppet's snares
A walking puppetry

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