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April 18, 2012
By l.o.v.e SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
l.o.v.e SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
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Why is you left me?
Why did you not say bye?
Why did you not say I love you before you closed the door?
Was it because you thought I knew you loved me,I would have rather heard it .

Did you think of me as you pulled the trigger?
Did I run threw your mind as you drove away?
I will never know.

Why is tears running down my face,as I think of you?
Why can't I get over this?
Why do I blame myself?
These tears are going down my face because I miss you,I feel like my world is broken,I feel like I will never get over this,I blame myself because I stood in silence as you closed the door.I stood in silence as my world was breaking and i didn't even notice.Maybe if I stopped you and made you stay this would have never happened ,it took seconds for my world to come crumbling down.Was me or something else that made you pickup that gun.

These answer's to these question's I will never know because I can't make a stairway to heaven and ask you for the answer.

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