April 15, 2012
By Danielle2422 BRONZE, Boerne, Texas
Danielle2422 BRONZE, Boerne, Texas
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Mamma why won’t they look at me?
What it something I did?
no child hush don’t speak
Is it something they see?

Mamma what do they see?
You ask too many question little one
Now hush child don’t speak
Is it something different from you and me?

Mamma they give me mean stares…
Don’t mind them baby
Just ignore em all
Could it be because of the color of my hair?

Mamma what is it! What could it be?!?
Honey don’t worry just mind yourself
WE all must just mind ourselves
But momma tell me, what do they see?

Baby baby oh child of mine
You are so sweet and I know you mean no harm
But please O please stop asking me these questions
I want to keep your heart and mind safe and divine

Momma I can keep a secret if you tell me quietly
I just wanna know what it is your not telling me
These people what makes em better from you and me?
Momma tell me and I’ll never repeat it not even silently

O sugar tell me what do you see?
Momma I see people
Mommas, dads, daughters, and sons
Just ordinary people like you and me

Baby bless you heart for all of em white folks are blind
You see people
What you see is right
They only see color, baby they are all outta their minds

But momma why?
Well I can’t tell you I know
All I do know is you are right and they are wrong
Sadly they may think this way til the day they die
I do not know how this can be
Is there any way to change their minds?

I just am so confused
I don’t understand how this can be …
Hush child..don’t speak

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