Big Day

April 16, 2012
By Frankie Garza BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Frankie Garza BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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She set out for the big day,
Determined to make an impression.
She was as ready as a runner on the line;
She took some of her attitude too—especially aggression.

She set out for the big day,
Ignoring the last one and the one before.
Because they had turned her down
She did not prevent the lion inside her from its roar.

She set out for the big day
In her most impressive attire,
Reciting Philippians 4:13 and hoping
She would be the candidate they would hire.

She arrived early to inspect the competition;
They seemed as scared as a cat on tree forty feel tall,
So she sat and waited
For the antagonizing call.

“Alma!” they shouted.
Confidently she rose towards the door
And carried a shine like the sun
Making others want to hit the floor.

All the questions were as simple as the ones before,
She said all the right words
And made every necessary gesture.
Alma knew it had to be her they would lean towards.

She shook hands with the man
And he said he would call.
She felt confident
And like an oak tree she felt tall.

On her way out she forgot her brief case
Running back inside to look
She saw a malicious looking man
Like a pirate with no arm but a hook.

She overheard him speaking to the man who shook her hand
“She is our best candidate so far!”
“I do not care; she is a woman and cannot work here.”
Alma left in shock and decided it meant war.

She set out for her big day,
Determined to make an impression.
She rallied like a mad-man
Letting them all know it was time for women.

The author's comments:
Ballads tend to be about social injsutices so I wrote about a woman who could not get a job because she was simply a woman. Many men do not beleive women should be equal to them but I completely disagree, which is what inspired me to write this poem.

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