A Heart's Mistake

April 8, 2012
By InvisibleHeart GOLD, Barony, Other
InvisibleHeart GOLD, Barony, Other
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How could you say that you loved me
I turn around and see you're with my best friend
You said you two weren't meant to be
I didn't think you'd lie in the end

I did what I had to do
I'm just sorry that I found out now
That I shouldn't never trusted you

When I pushed you away
I did it for her
When all the time I wanted you to stay

Now you're with her again
You better not do this to my best friend
When you say you love her
Mean it
Or don't say it at all
When you kiss her
Want it
And make sure you kiss her lips
And not mine this time

The only lie I told you
Was when I said I didn't want you
Now I try to hold back the tears
That aren't worth crying

Screaming at you won’t take the pain go away
You don't notice my love for you isn't dying
I want to cut up this memory
Another scar, for another mistake

Hold her, kiss her, lie to her
Just don't come crawling back to me
There's no more I can take
Have my best friend
You will not have me back
I won’t be there in the end
That is a promise

I sit here
Trying to not waste tears over you
Tears on my wrists are so clear
I know what you say is never true

I cut, reminders of my mistake
Stained with hurt I feel
Found out too late, you're a fake
Your love was never real

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