Dancing with a Stranger

April 5, 2012
By EAR_SAP GOLD, Thomasville, North Carolina
EAR_SAP GOLD, Thomasville, North Carolina
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Dancing with a strangers
It’s Humid, crowded; people are ranting and chanting
I eluded the crowd, till I spotted a beautiful girl glancing and dancing
She moved with such grace; on key with the bass
Redness drowned my face, I started to contemplate
If I look good, I should
She looked my way, subconsciously gave me the “okay”
There no need for asking; what counted was action
Suddenly she grabbed my hand; something I didn’t plan

She gave me a chance
Now the adrenaline is rushing
Blushing from all of her touching
Felt like forever, only lasted a minute
Sad thing is never see her again when the party was over wit

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