Please Don't Go...

March 31, 2012
By LilNinjaaa BRONZE, Sydney, Other
LilNinjaaa BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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Slowly, ever so slowly,
I felt us slipping away
Our hearts became so distant
I thought we were forever

Please don’t go…

Quietly, so, so quietly,
I’d watch you smile with her
Laugh and giggle with her
I wished that girl was me

Please don’t go…

Further, further away
I seriously thought you were mine
You recreate our moments with her
I guess I’ve been replaced

Please don’t go…

Day, day by day
The memories of me seem to fade
Away from your mind
How come I can’t erase you?
Why is this so?

Please don’t go…

Over, it was over
The day you left me for her
I seriously don’t understand
I cry myself to sleep
But I guess you just don’t care

Please, please don’t go

Come back, back to me
Don’t you know I’m missing you like crazy?
This is unbelievable
I won’t love anyone else

Please, please don’t go

The author's comments:
This is my tragic story...

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