Fill the Void In My Soul

April 6, 2012
All the distress has lifted
I see it in your eyes
I know how you do what you do
You don't need to tell me why

Our hearts twine together
The two of us becoming one
I never wanted to feel this way
But now I don't want to run

You know who I am
And you love me for what's inside
The light shines within my eyes
Remembering every tear you dried

I feel your love surrounding me
Pulling me out of the darkness
We're in our own world, together, alone
Nothing gets better than this

You've subdued the rage inside of me
You're bringing me back to life
You're the only one who can save me, darling
The only one who can make things right

You can understand me
As I can you
We can overcome the pain of tomorrow
As long as we break through

Hold all of my fears
In the palm of your hand
And let's just enjoy
The beauty of our land

Only you can speak to my soul
So rescue me from the bitterness I'm trapped in
And I will rescue you as well
For you know where we have been

Set my heart beating again
Shower life upon my corpse
Piece me back together
Defeat this evil force

Tonight as we lie beneath
This pale crescent moon
I want you to know that we're both healed
And a new page shall be turned soon

Fill the void in my soul.

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Endless_Lives_Beneath_Shadows said...
May 27, 2012 at 7:51 am
*Spoiler alert* This poem is about me.
LandOfDarkness replied...
May 27, 2012 at 7:54 am
Haha yep it is;) How'd you know?
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