The Ballad of the salad

April 4, 2012
By kaylabear21 GOLD, Walnut Creek, California
kaylabear21 GOLD, Walnut Creek, California
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in a crafted dish comes a salad you wish to be as delightful as pure freshness. a lettuce so crisp as it touches your lips and your mind starts to ponder. veggies galor! on the salad, put more, the colors so vibrant its a healthy opened door. if you choose to eat a salad, think of a ballad, cherish the refreshing taste, get all your veggies and put them on and mix in a dressing paste.

The author's comments:
i had an amazing salad today and i enjoyed it. i had to write about my opinion in a ballad :) i also heard a similar title on a tv show in the 90s

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