Addressing Gaston

March 26, 2012
By scarletmoon SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
scarletmoon SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Oh love, my sweet, sweet love,
You leave my heart in a bind
When you remind me
What a doll I am
A doll without a mind
Just some decor on a shelf
With nothing to anticipate
But your attitude unrefined

And darling, mi amo,
Don’t forget the way I dote on you
Your robe awaits
Your tea is warm
For you are a cordon bleu
Who would say anything less
To a tyrant such as yourself?
That would be taboo

And honey, my dear,
Don’t give a second thought
When you unfriend me on Facebook
Without confronting me first
Then are surprised when you are caught
Because your antics are ingenious
And I should respect
Your clichéd plot

My prince, my beloved,
Please, I’d love to see you run
After my white horse
Trotting down the beach
As my adventure’s just begun
And your’re so fit, so fast,
Of course you’d win me back
You are my number one, and only

So baby, paramour,
Would you be so kind
As to pack your bags
Leave me the dog
And accept my decline?
I must admit, I’ll be blogging this
You are quite the character
But alas, genre blind

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