The Hurt She Feels

March 26, 2012
By SJB003 BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
SJB003 BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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Scars on her arms symbolize hurt
Never showing her pain
She quietly sobs in her room
Her life has now been drained

Always oozing from large gashes
The red liquid pours out
The pain has now been nullified
“No one knows me” she shouts

Some know she hurts, but do nothing
Never ever helping
She sits at home alone
She hears quiet yelping

No one ever knew who she was
Or how she felt inside
That fake smile plastered on her face
Or how she always cried

She climbed the never ending stairs
Her final prayer said
She wanted to fly through the air
She looked down as she bled

Imagining flying through air
She only coveted
Knowing this was the truth she leapt
To ground she plummeted

The author's comments:
I made this ballad for English and liked it so much, I decided to add it here.

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